Since many people have urged me about "where are the updates?" that I had carelessly taken out of my website before... Now I reinstall this "updates" page. This is so that you guys will be able to follow up on my updates and stuffs. ^^


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03 Feb 2006 - I'm back (hopefully)

Yay. I now start uni, doing Engineering/Commerce at Melbourne Uni. 5 more years!!!!!

I am currently working on a very detailed piece of art, will probably take a few weeks if I'm not busy. Months if I am. I am also wokring on a short story, written by my boyfriend. LOL. I only finished the first page and it'll probably be 10 pages long at least. I won't release it until I finish everything.

I've done a couple of pages for the shoujo manga last year, but just been wondering if I should post them up. Gahhhh..... so hard to decide.

It's annoying when you have so many things to do and so little time to do it.